This Isn’t Therapy... it's a podcast about it!

Therapy themes are everywhere you look— they’re in your relationships, in the culture, and yes, inside of you, Mary! Each week, Jake Ernst and Simon Paluck peel back the therapy curtain to discuss the very things people are talking to their therapists about. Anxiety. Boundaries. People Pleasing. Their narcissistic boss. No topic is off limits! Whether it be a #lovelylistener story submission, an article, or something straight from pop-culture, Jake and Simon will explore a therapy theme through a casual, insightful, and (often times) funny conversation. Hello, hi! Come on in - the door is open! 

The hosts:
Jake: @mswjake
Simon: @directedbysimon
The pod: @notatherapypodcast

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Scrutiny, Shame, and Taylor Swift Criticism

This Isn't Therapy... it’s a bold, beautiful, and brave conversation about ~scrutiny~. Lol no really, it's an important convo about how criticism, judgment, shame, and...

Brené Brown answers Jake's question

This isn't therapy... it's the episode where Brené Brown answers a question from Jake about emotions: "I was thinking about the phrase Mixed Feelings and how feeling m...

Being chronically online

This Isn't Therapy... it’s a timely conversation about being chronically online. In segment one, Jake and Simon talk about Brené Brown’s recent splash back into social...

Can we really fake it ‘til we make it?

This Isn't Therapy... it's an episode about the age-old adage "fake it 'til you make it!" In this week's episode, Jake and Simon talk about whether or not it's really ...

The pursuit of endless bliss 🙃✌️

This Isn't Therapy... it's an episode about the pursuit of endless bliss. Many people arrive to therapy with a "fantasy goal" thinking they want to be calm, happy, and...

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