The eerie hype of self-improvement influencers

This Isn't Therapy...this is an (accidental) deep dive into self-improvement influencers and the impact they're having on men: "how to be more alpha by yelling at the ocean!! How to get a six pack by eating a pound of raw liver a day!! Why being sad is a state of mind so go chew on a football!!!! Oh no!! Don't fret though, Simon and Jake keep it flirty and fun as they discuss the online obsession with fitness, mindset, and self-optimization. Are we undoing the progress we’ve made to reduce mental health stigma?!

- Beware Lifestyle Fascismby Maya Vinokour
Why the politics of young men and women are drifting further and further apartby Nimo Omer for The Guardian

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The eerie hype of self-improvement influencers
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