Surprise Solo Sesh with Simon 🥵

This Isn't Therapy...this is Simon's first surprise solo session (HOT🥵!!) Our dear gal pal Jake has fallen ill (sad 😢 )so on this week's episode, Simon takes the reigns and guides the #lovelylisteners through a fun, flirty, fab review of some of his fav TIT moments. Where did Brandon the Therapy Frog come from? Who is Tina the Troll? Does he have a favourite episode?! All that in more! Plus, Simon hints at some new exciting things to come in the This Isn't Therapy universe. Next week the girlies will be reunited...and we'll be BACK to our regular hot steamy scheduled program.  In the meantime, anyone know how we can get Brené Brown to notice us?!

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Surprise Solo Sesh with Simon 🥵
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