Phubbing 🤳🏼

This Isn’t Therapy… it’s a discussion about “phubbing”— the act of snubbing someone with your phone. In this episode, Jake and Simon talk about phone use and how it impacts our relationships with friends, family members, and partners. They also talk about a recent study, which found that higher phone use was associated with more relationship problems, and an article by a therapist, called “As A Therapist, I Know What’s Breaking Couples Up.” Hint hint, it’s allegedly the smartphone. 📲🤳🏼👀

Article discussed: As A Therapist, I Know What’s Breaking Couples Up by Andrew Sofin

Link to the study: More Scrolling, More Marital Problems conducted by Wendy Wang and Michael Toscano of the Institute for Family Studies (IFS)

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Phubbing 🤳🏼
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